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Arushi Mudgal (Odissi Dance)

Saturday November 3, 2018 – 7:00 pm

Westlake Community PAC
4100 Westbank Dr, Austin 78746



Odissi Dance | Arushi Mudgal


India is a land of multiplicity; of myriad cultures, languages, clothes, foods, religions and gods. From ancient times, devotion in India has been the worship of the formless, coexisting with that of the many exquisite forms of gods and goddesses. Some seek god in religious temples, some in nature while others within. Whatever be the form, the search for the divine is forever ongoing.
Murta-Amurta: Form-Formless is a spiritual journey of man experiencing divinity through different forms, finally arriving at the formless energy within.

Choreography & Dance: Arushi Mudgal

Music: Madhup Mudgal

Duration: 1/ 1.5 hrs