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ICMCA 2024 Membership


A year’s membership in ICMCA entitles you to free tickets for all music concert and dance performances during the calendar year. Your annual commitment results in considerable savings over your purchasing tickets for individual events.  It also helps ICMCA plan seating for each event and scheduling for future concerts.


Starting from 2024, ICMCA has transitioned to digital membership cards! By choosing a digital card you are making an active impact on the environment, gaining easy access to your membership benefits, and helping ICMCA better serve members just like you. Thank you for choosing Digital! These digital cards will serve as your tickets for all ICMCA events in 2024. Membership cards are transferable, so feel free to lend them to a friend or family member if you cannot attend an event.


Please note that once you become a member, an email will be sent detailing how to download your digital membership cards.
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